Thursday, November 6, 2014

Trouble Posting to Instagram on 3G/4G?

Since I didn't find my solution anywhere online, and I can't possibly be the only one with this issue (OK, that last part might not be true - I'm a smart phone newbie), I thought I'd share my problem AND my solution.

You see, I recently acquired my first smart phone a month or so ago, and I was all excited to Post On Instagram! Upload to Facebook! Without Needing Wi-Fi! But the first time I tried, it wouldn't work. I tried repeatedly, getting more and more frustrated (and draining the CRAP out of my battery), but no luck.

I did some searches for the posting (and battery draining) issues, but still didn't get my solution. I could post fine on wi-fi, but not on 3G. I tried again today and still no luck, with posting or finding a solution.


I realized that, DUH, Instagram needs access to my Photos and my Photos weren't set up on cellular data. Once I toggled to switch on, BLAMO! It worked.

So if you're a late bloomer like I am, you might find this helpful.

Go to Settings > Cellular

and scroll to the bottom where is shows all of the things that can use cellular data.

Make sure both your Instagram app and Photo folder are toggled to green and you're set.

I hope this helps the overly frustrated, how-does-this-new-fangled-gadget-work person like me!

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