Saturday, August 4, 2012

Now Starring {in my dreams}...

For whatever reason, I've had some unusual people showing up in my dreams lately. As is typical with dreams, I can't recall many specific details, just random images, but I do recall some of the cast of characters. Some are the usual people found in my real life, but lately, they've been a little more... famous.

Example #1: The other night Hermione made an appearance. Not Emma Watson. Hermione. (Although it *was* Emma as Hermione.) The only circumstance I remember about her role in my dream was talking about some classes she was taking, specifically a speech/radio class, and I remember telling her, "Oh! I'd love to do voice-over work. I think that would be so much fun." "You should definitely take this class, too" she replied.

Exciting, right?

Example #2: Just last night, I had an even more famous star, royalty even. Yes, Prince William and his lovely bride were in my dream. Really. I don't know why or recall how we happened to be acquainted in my dream, but I do recall that I offered to make them some "crusty bread" since they were hungry.


Oh, and Kate had on a lovely, just-below-the-knee flowy skirt, brightly (but not heavily) patterned with a floral design. Not icky and grandma-ish, but fresh and summery - wide, red band at the top. Worn with a plain white shirt. And if memory serves, she arrived on a bicycle. (Yeah, I know.) Now that I think about it, she kind of a 50s thing going on with the skirt and bike. She looked adorable.

There you have it. A glimpse into my strange and celebrity-filled dreams.

Thus endeth my random post. You may now go about your regularly scheduled Saturday events.
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