Sunday, March 21, 2010

How To: Make a Cake Pop Stand

the stand in action (before finishing)

What you'll need:
12" round wood table top/bar stool seat
11/64" bit (or 3/16" if you want a little more wiggle room)
Ruler or piece of paper
Compass (optional)
Acrylic craft paint
Small paint brush
Drop cloth or large piece of cardboard

I lieu of a piece of styrofoam for holding cake pops, I decided to make a stand out of wood. I picked up a pre-cut piece of wood at Menards and went to town drilling, measuring and finishing.
pop stand-1

The board is mainly for holding the pops while they dry then for photographing, but you can also use it for presentation. I had cake pops handy so I could determine how far apart to make the holes. I marked the distance on a piece of paper and used it for reference. You could use an acutal ruler, but I didn't want to go looking for mine—paper was easier!
pop stand-2 distance btw

A compass comes in really handy (but isn't absolutely necessary). Find the center of the board, adjust the size to match the right distance...
pop stand-5 next row
pop stand-6 next row compass
Draw a circle
pop stand-7 next row circle
pop stand-8 measure compas

Make cross hatch mark at the correct distance along the circle & drill at the intersections.
pop stand-9 marks
pop stand-10 all drilled

You can drill all the way through if you want, but I decided (after drilling two holes all the way through) that drilling MOST of the way through is better. That way you can pick up the board with pops in it and they won't slide down! I'll just fill the bottoms of those holes with wood putty.

Lightly sand with fine sand paper or a fine sanding block.
pop stand-11 sand 

Then all you have to do is paint it. Acrylic craft paint is the best because it comes in a bunch of colors and is really thick—covers great. But you can use regular wall paint if that's what you have handy.
pop stand-13 paint tube
painting collage

After painting, be sure to put a stick in each hole and wiggle it around a bit so the paint doesn't block the holes as it dries.
 pop stand-21 clean out
pop stand-23 done
I painted mine white to keep it simple, but I think it would be really fun to have them in different colors to match the holiday or occasion. Have fun with it!


  1. What a fun idea and fairly simple, even for the non crafty type like myself. This would be a great display for a bake sale!

  2. Hi, About how far apart are your holes? Thanks much,

  3. Anonymous - I'll double check when I get home, but they're about 2" or so apart.

  4. This is an economical and professional looking alternative to styrofoam. Like it!!

  5. This is wonderful...thank your for posting this. I do have one the "What you'll need:" you have listed 11/32" drill bit. Should it have been a 11/64" drill bit. Please let me know... I ready to make this. Thanks,

  6. Anonymous - I don't have the bit handy since I'm at work, but I *do* have a tool kit here -- and you're absolutely right! I goofed (and will change the post). it should be 11/64. Good catch - thank you!

  7. Gives me inspiration to do a 3 tier one, thanks so much. I dislike using styrofoam because it never decomposes. I would love to do it using different round sizes like 12, 10, 8; so I need to ck if they come precut in those sizes.

    1. I love that idea! I'm not sure if they have all those sizes, but it's worth checking! And I completely agree on the styrofoam-yuck!

  8. I have an old Lazy Susan that could work perfectly for this project...thank you!

  9. Awesome idea....I love it! Id rather spend for a simple project like this than pay for a styrofoam block that costs soo much! Thanks again!

    1. You're welcome! I hope you give it a go - it's easy and you get to use power tools. ;)

  10. LOVE this idea! I'm doing a vintage train party for my son's 2nd birthday, so I think I'll just coat mine with a clear matte laquer for a more rustic look. Such a simple idea, but so effective!

  11. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'm so tired of my styrofoam stands. I bought some plaques from Michaels to turn into cakepop stands--your walkthrough will be a big help! Thanks for posting it!


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