Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Spring Flowers (of a different sort)



  1. These are delightful! What sort of food colouring do you use? Does it stain your teeth/mouth at all? Those colours just look extraordinary!

  2. Thanks, Susie. :)

    Wifey- I used liquid food coloring I found at the grocery store. There are 4 little tubes in a box - I don't know if they have the same thing in Australia-but it's made by McCormick. They're the "neon" colors.

    Here's an Amazon link so you can see what the package looks like:

    They stained my fingers a bit, but once they're diluted in the icing, they don't stain. Well, maybe your tongue a bit. :)

  3. Thanks for that! I'll have a look at the cake shop next time I go.

  4. These look so nice! How do you get them to look so perfect?! What is the consistency of your icing sugar?

  5. Mother's Day Flowers - thank you for the compliment! I used royal icing made from meringue powder, water and powdered sugar. The outside piping is fairly thick, but the "flood" colors like the blue and green are more like syrup consistency. If you pour a spoonful of icing back onto itself in the bowl, the drizzle should disappear in about 5-10 seconds. Thin, but not TOO thin.

    Here's a wonderful resource if you need more info:

    Hope that helps!


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