Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fun with Tags

So I bought some manilla tags the other day.


Some = 1,000. Yes, really. They were a great deal, I'd been wanting some for a long time, and I have Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. So what the heck!

dreaming tags closeup-KL

Back in late fall, I took advantage of a special Andrea Sher (of Superhero Journal) offered for her Mondo Beyondo e-course. I'd been eyeing it for at least a year, so when it went on "sale" I just had to sign up. For one of the exercises, I decided to put the new tags to use.

First thing I did was line them up since I figured I'd create a bunch at one time. I used Golden fluid acrylic paint, some cosmetic sponges, a few 12" x 12" stencils and went to town.

tag group in order

I used the sponges to apply the paint through the stencils. They work great and I can pick them up cheap at Dollar General. I also used them to distress the edges.

palette and sponges

Quick and fun. Gotta love it.

tags detail

Here are the two main stencils I used.

art is stencil
"Art Is" by Crafter's Workshop

circle stencil DD
Random Dots by Donna Downey

Paint colors used:
Golden Fluid Acrylic in Nickel Azo Gold, Phthalo Turquoise, Permanent Violet Dark, and Quinacridone Red.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art Journal - Reverberate

01-07-13 Reverberate

I've decided to dedicate more time to my art journal. Have fun, explore ideas, mediums, products, techniques. So yesterday I had the start of an idea and went from there. I knew I wanted to punch circles out of various things and stitch them to paper. That's all I knew. The rest I just made up as I went along.

I pulled a page out of my "for art purposes" copy of Jane Eyre as my base, grabbed my stash of various paper pieces and rifled through them. I found more book paper, ledger paper, a map, a receipt, a ticket, a tea bag wrapper (yes, I saved a tea bag-it was still attached to the wrapper), and a wine label. I have a number of wine labels I've soaked off bottles intending to put them in a wine journal for future reference but never got around to it. I like the idea of using them in my art journal even better.

01-07-13 Reverberate-circles

I used various stencils, homemade "spray paint", Donna Downey's hollyhock stamp, acrylic paint, various tubes to get the red circles, masking tape, a white Sharpie paint pen, black pen and drywall tape.

OH! And I FINALLY set up my sewing machine in my art room and added stitching. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time and finally did. Yea, me!

I thought the circles looked like the were pulsing or echoing, and the word "reverberate" came to mind. Today, I went ahead and finished it up buy putting the page in my journal. I had a incredibly icky page that I covered up with more paint, and added the page. I was looking for my glue but saw the drywall tape and thought it might work, and I love it! I then added more stitching, zig zagging the book page directly into my journal.

01-07-13 Reverberate-full

I love the colors, repetition of the circles and the stitching. Very happy with this page!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Actual email transcript between Dwight and me

I just looked up and saw that I typed this instead of "telephone" on a letterhead ...


Can I go home now?

You are amazing, are you sure that's not a real thing?

It SHOULD be. I'm going to make a shirt with that on it. And a drawing of whatever I decide a "tekeogibe" is.

It sounds high tech.

Wait! Maybe that's "telephone" in Romulan. Or Vulcan. Or some other equally nerdy language. Sorry, "language".

It sounds like something Miracle Max would say.

He distinctly said, "To blaaave" ...

You need to start answering our home phone, “Tekeogibe Industries”
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