Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art Journal - Reverberate

01-07-13 Reverberate

I've decided to dedicate more time to my art journal. Have fun, explore ideas, mediums, products, techniques. So yesterday I had the start of an idea and went from there. I knew I wanted to punch circles out of various things and stitch them to paper. That's all I knew. The rest I just made up as I went along.

I pulled a page out of my "for art purposes" copy of Jane Eyre as my base, grabbed my stash of various paper pieces and rifled through them. I found more book paper, ledger paper, a map, a receipt, a ticket, a tea bag wrapper (yes, I saved a tea bag-it was still attached to the wrapper), and a wine label. I have a number of wine labels I've soaked off bottles intending to put them in a wine journal for future reference but never got around to it. I like the idea of using them in my art journal even better.

01-07-13 Reverberate-circles

I used various stencils, homemade "spray paint", Donna Downey's hollyhock stamp, acrylic paint, various tubes to get the red circles, masking tape, a white Sharpie paint pen, black pen and drywall tape.

OH! And I FINALLY set up my sewing machine in my art room and added stitching. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time and finally did. Yea, me!

I thought the circles looked like the were pulsing or echoing, and the word "reverberate" came to mind. Today, I went ahead and finished it up buy putting the page in my journal. I had a incredibly icky page that I covered up with more paint, and added the page. I was looking for my glue but saw the drywall tape and thought it might work, and I love it! I then added more stitching, zig zagging the book page directly into my journal.

01-07-13 Reverberate-full

I love the colors, repetition of the circles and the stitching. Very happy with this page!

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  1. Love your page Kelly, I have been really loving playing with different mediums in my art journal. Can't wait to see more pages throughout 2013!


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