Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finished – Untitled (for now) Woman


I finished it - finally! I wrote a WIP post way back in April (!) and am happy to say she's finally finished.

Some of the WIP:
painted face-beginning
(where I left off on the last post-following is later in the day after fixing her nose)
face-nose fixed

I anguished over where to go from just about the point I left her in late April. I knew I wanted paper flowers either in her hair or representing her hair, but kept putting off making the decision. I was afraid of "ruining" what I'd started.

So I made paper flowers.

paper flowers

Lots of paper flowers.

And after determining that I did NOT want her whole head covered in them, came up with a pleasing arrangement, took a photo so I'd know what I'd liked...

flower placement

Then set about painting her hair. I also decided to add some stenciled, if illegible, words to the background. I just wanted to break things up a bit, add some more texture and interest, pull in more of the mixed media feel I was going for.


The inspiration photo I used showed some sort of barrette in her hair, so I fashioned one for my girl out of wire and a paper flower. I also added a wire "earring" to help tie things together.

painted face-hair


The flower "eye" is made from light modeling paste and a flower stencil. I'm very pleased with how she came out even though I got very stuck for a long time. I needed to let go of feeling like I was going to "ruin" it or make a mistake. As Donna Downey says, "Forward motion." Just keep moving forward and the right things will emerge.

Free Vector Quatrefoil Patterns

{This is just a thumbnail composite of all the colors available for download below.}

Hey guys! I needed to make a quatrefoil pattern for work and thought I'd share it here. Each color is a full 8.5" x 11" sheet, half with the small pattern, half large. All of these files are PDFs but are Illustrator-compatible, so they're true vector art.

Hope you like them. I'd love to hear how you plan on using them. Leave a comment on how you have or might use these and/or links to your projects.



Bonus not shown (because I had one too many for the layout)
{SEA BLUE} color is in between teal and lt blue
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