Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's like an episode of House

Except without the witty banter and impossibly rude yet somehow likable doctor.

I'm the girl in the room next to the guy that has what she has, except he's further along, so she sees what's coming.

Dwight is that guy.

We're both sick with the same thing, which is really unusual for us, and his symptoms are about 24-28 hours ahead of mine. It started with a cough, out of the blue—BAM! Which lead to lots and LOTS of coughing which lead to a sore throat, chest and back.

Then yesterday, he started sneezing and his nose started running like crazy. I thought I was clear because I had NO signs of that. Until this afternoon. Gah!

He says he's feeling better, so I have that to look forward to—in 24-28 hours. Until then, I feel like I got hit by a truck. A truck that made my nose run. Like, a LOT.


  1. Sorry you're both feeling poorly! Get well soon.

  2. Take to your bed with a good book and some good drugs. I had that crap last week and it is a total PITA. Sleep and hot tea were the only things that worked for me.


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