Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am a Dancer

I'm not the best—nor the worst—but I am a dancer. And it makes my heart happy. It makes my soul sing. It makes me breathe deep sighs of joy.

The 2 hours and 45 minutes I spend at the dance studio are, without a doubt, some of the best hours of my week. I can let everything else go. Nothing else matters except what's happening right then. I'm not fielding phone calls and emails, not trying to do three things at once and feeling pressured to do two more on top of that.

No. It's just dancing. Learning technique, practicing dance routines, letting go of ego and pride. It's not easy, but it's fun.

It is my joy.


  1. As one fellow dancer to another, take a look at this video that you may enjoy...

  2. Frieda,
    I LOVE that video! I saw it a while back and I think I teared up a bit, it was just so happy and magical. Ever since then. I've thought that it would be so much fun to be a part of something like that.

    So what kind of dance do you do?

  3. I think anything that makes you drop your ego and pride and just 'be' is a good thing. Awesome post.

  4. It's always good to have joy in your life. I'm glad that you've found joy in your dancing. You deserve it!

  5. Good for you for taking dance lessons! I've wanted to take tap for so long... you've inspired me! (Emily-- the other Something Shiny)

  6. Emily - I hope you're able to find a class. It's so much fun!


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