Friday, November 27, 2009

Places to Shop—Unique Gifts for the Holidays

It's that time of year again—the official start of the holiday shopping season. Although I love Amazon for just about anything, I have a few other suggestions for places I've found that offer  unique and special gifts.

A treasure trove of unique gifts. You can find anything and everything here, from furniture to note cards to jewelry, all handmade. I've purchased a number of gifts from Etsy. Here are a few:

Probably the most unique—A Terrarium from The Oak Leaves shop

I was blown away by how adorable these are! I stumbled upon this shop through a link at Design Sponge (a great resource, by the way).

The perfect gift for the music buff—A recycled record cover journal from Vinyl Frontiers

Yes, it's an actual album cover.  Recycling has never been so fun!

Always clever, often irreverent, and completely adorable stationery from Terry Taylor Designs. She has a holiday special going on, so take advantage!

Note pads, note cards, invitations, and more. I love this stuff!

Beautifully crafted wodden rings by MnM Woodworks

In men's and women's sizes and designs, these rings are simply stunning.
All are custom made to your size and specs.

This is just a sampling of the wonderful items you can find at Etsy. Please, check out the site. I promise you'll be bowled over by the quality and diversity of items made by artists and artisans of all kinds.


Uncommon Goods
Not as diverse and personal as Etsy, although some artists sell work through both places, Uncommon Goods has been a go-to gift destination of mine for years. They have gifts at all price points and lots of fun and often beautiful items.


For all the kids in your life, Klutz is FULL of interactive games and activities for all ages. Science kits, paper dolls, jewelry making — Klutz offers a delightful alternative to the boring, generic toys you find most places.


What about you? Where do you like to find unique gifts?

All photos are from the seller's etsy shop.

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