Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Sample Conversation

D: I'm going to have to work late.

Me: Me, too.

D: You wanna have them deliver a big bucket of fried chicken?
*gesturing with his arms wide spread*

Me: *whiny* Noooo, we had chicken LAST night and I had chicken for LUNCH yesterday...

D: *looking at me intently* FRIED chicken.

Me: *burst out laughing*

D: *laughing* It's a COMPLETELY different thing.


  1. Lucky you! If only my hubs offered to have fried chicken delivered. I rarely get breaks like that. Lesson- no matter if you had chicken 50 times, always say yes when they want to eat out or do take out.

  2. Susie - Aww, thanks. :)

    LOL, Robin Sue. Good point!!


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