Monday, May 17, 2010

The Oddest Things Make Me Happy


On my recent trip/jaunt/quest to Shipshewana, my mom and I made a few stops, one of which left me even more giddy than the one to E&S Sales. What could accomplish this more than inexpensive baking supplies?

Fabric, that's what. Rows and rows and rows of gorgeous, delicious, sob-inducing fabrics.

Seriously, I actually get a bit weepy in really amazing fabric shops. There's just something about all of the COLORS and PATTERNS and the POSSIBILITIES that they represent. Actually, when I start thinking about all of the possibilities and the shear volume of the selection I go from weepy to slightly panicky. It's a bit overwhelming. 

But the main emotion is happiness. If I could, I would decorate my home with bolts of fabric, just like the displays at the store. I'm not kidding. Dwight would think I'd lost my marbles, but how gorgeous would that be? It's like a library of fabric instead of books. Spines of pattern and color, lined up neatly on wooden shelves. Can you hear my sigh of delight from where you are?

Lolly's Fabrics & Quilts is one of those shops. I walk in and sigh. Then gasp repeatedly as I flit from display to display, oohing and aahhing over the various selections. This time, I nearly had sensory overload when one of the the first things I saw were shelves of precut fabric in the most amazing groups of patterns. There were squares of various sizes, but there were also rolls of strips of fabric. What WERE these gorgeous things? I wanted ten of them to scatter over my tables and shelves to use as decoration, never mind opening them up and SEWING with them.

My mom knew what they were. They're called "jelly rolls" and I've been out of the sewing loop for a some time because apparently, they've been around for a little while. These were from Moda fabric. They not only make jelly rolls, they have honey buns, dessert rolls, turnovers, layer cakes and charm packs. I might die from the cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness overload, Moda's blog is called the Moda Bake Shop and has a complete bakery theme —right up my alley on both levels! Their fabric packs are the "bakery" products, the projects using them are called "recipes" and the quilters and sewers that put them together are the "chefs."


So not only does Moda have some of the most beautiful, fun, original and sigh-inducing fabrics, they have this fantastic concept and theme to bring it all together.

OK, back to my fabric store adventure... I knew I wanted to get SOMEthing from Moda, but I have to be honest — fabric's not cheap and I had no idea what I was going to do with it — but I had to get something. Had. To. So I settled on a charm pack—a package of 42 5" squares. The hardest part was deciding which pack to get. But I ended up picking "Hunky Dory" by Chez Moi.

If you're anything like me — crazy about color, design and fabric — you're drooling all over your keyboard right about now.

I mean… LOOK at these fabrics—the colors, the patterns. They're fantastic. Now I have to stop staring at them at actually MAKE something with them. Oh, the possibilities…


  1. Oh my word! Fantastic. No, Awesome. No, Amazing. I can't put to words how wonderful those small squares are. The first thing, I thought of, however, was a quilt, if only just to be able to take all of them in at the same time. Though it might be a bit crazy, no?

  2. Crazy AWESOME, maybe! I definitely want to keep all or most in the same project. I was debating between a small quilt or... an apron. I think that could be really great with those fabrics. Plus I want to me able to enjoy them as much as possible and I do like to wear aprons when I cook or bake.

  3. I don't even sew and love fabric square sets at the quilt shops. I need to find other uses for fabric squares other than sewing...

  4. Oh, I want that too - I'm so jealous right now I want to cry. I want that too! Uuuuuuuuh :) Petra


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