Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneak Peek: Bedroom Redecorating

Dwight and I plan on doing a series of updates to the house, mainly cosmetic, but a few larger things. Installing new flooring being the biggest change (to come).

First up on the agenda was our bedroom. I used my wide angle zoom lens (18-135mm) to take these photos because my usual lens (35mm prime) is too narrow to capture enough of the room at one time. Wide angle = distorted walls. Eh. Whatcha gonna do?

Right now, redecorating has involved paint. We went from a darkish green to a pale grey-blue. It's SO much brighter. I just love it. We're also painting the furniture. Dressers and bedside tables. We bough ready-to-assemble (and finish) tables years ago and never finished them. Rather than paint the ones we're using now, we'll leave those as is and put them in the guest room where the unfinished tables used to be. Got that?

Anyway. Here's a gander at the progress so far:

From the door into the room. Vanity is to the left, bath to the right and behind.

From the far corner just seen in the previous pic. The bathroom is through that door next to the dresser. Check out the TV. How awesome is it that I caught the movie at that exact moment? Yes, that's Star Wars. (And yes, that is a ridiculously large TV for a bedroom. You should have seen my face when it showed up.)

From the corner with the TV, facing the vanity.

So. Many. Drawers.

Ah, daylight pictures. So much better.

I just took this one tonight. I forgot to take a "during" vanity shot along with the others. Probably because of all the drawers in the way.

It's looking good-ish. I'm loving the color and the brightness of the painted furniture. Now if we could only find decent replacement handles. We need 4 knobs (no problem there), 16 - 3" on center pulls (again, piece of cake) and 6 - 3.5" on center pulls (DOH! There are only about 3 styles to choose from. In the entire WORLD. *sigh*) Wish us luck.


  1. It's looking good... I love the new color! I had a similar delimma w/ drawer pulls when I painted our dining room furniture. It remains unresolved b/c I gave up. ;) You might try a cabinet hardware distribuor if there is one in your area. They don't all sell to the public, but they might at least point you to a retailer that carries their stuff. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Jodi! I might need to do that. Dwight and I have searched online without a whole lot of luck. Might be better off checking with a local hardware place.

  3. Love the new color! Perfectly peaceful!


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