Monday, September 20, 2010

Guest Post - Tiffany Inspired Cupcakes


After my Dangerously Decadent Cupcakes got some exposure from Cupcakes Take The Cake (and tumblr) I got an email from Jeris Donovan, the woman behind, "a monthly Ezine of comic blogs by comics, comic writers, and actors who are now parents."

September is's one year anniversary and Jeris asked me to come up with a cupcake to mark the celebration. I thought quite a bit about it and decided to go with a Tiffany-esque cupcake, because who wouldn't like a little something from Tiffany's on her anniversary?

Head on over to and check out the post. A link to printable recipes isn't working properly on the guest post, so you can access it HERE. (I noticed a typo in the printable recipe. I referenced "baking soda" in the directions but it should be "baking powder" as listed in the ingredients.)

In the mean time, here are a few images from process. Enjoy!




neon food color-bg

icing styles
Here are two ways to pipe frosting, both using the 1M tip. Left is shown starting from the center and winding out. Right is starting from the outside and working in. 

I asked my nieces to taste test the various flavors to determine their favorite. Yeah, I'm the best aunt ever. (The chocolate caramel candies were the hands down fave, followed closely by Butterfinger.)
k-1st cupcake







  1. So which were there favs? Looks like they are having fun tasting the cupcakes, that does make you the best Auntie. I will go over and check out the post.

  2. Ok I read the other post. The chocolate caramels won! I think those would have had my vote too. Thanks for the tip on par baking before adding the candy. Great post, you are a great writer!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful again.

  4. Robin Sue - The Butterfinger was their second favorite, and I would have to agree. Delicious! Thank you so much for the compliments!

    Velva - Thank you for stopping by and for the nice complement!

  5. I love them! Everyone can use a little Tiffany's in their life!


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