Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bedroom Redecorating: Complete (mostly)


I realized that I never posted the photos of the completed bedroom re-do. I'd posted a sneak peek back in August and took this photos on October 10th. So much for being on top of things. *ahem*

Before (more photos here)

ANYway, here are the "after" shots, and I must say that we're very happy with the results. Most of them at least. The beadspread looks fantastic in these shots. After washing? Not so much.


I bought it from Target and while I love Target AND the beadspread, I'm not happy that it's so stinkin' large that it barely fits in my Whirlpool HE washer. But that's a big "shame on me" for not paying attention to that fact when I bought it. It says right on the box that it should be washed in a high-capacity commercial washing machine. Yeah, like I'm going to do that. I don't buy dry clean only clothes (or ignore the fact that they ARE dry clean only) so why the heck am I going to deal with a high maintenance beadspread. Again, shame on me.

The other flaw is the stitching on the cover. There's very little of it holding the layers together, so now it's lumpy lumpy lumpy — not cool. Lesson learned.

Other than the beadspread issue, the rest of the bedroom is great. Love the paint color, LOVE the wall decal and love the floor.




I still haven't gotten any drawer pulls —STILL! Told you I wasn't on top of things.

Here are links to the products I used.

The decal went on great once we figured out the trick. The directions provided were useless and actually made it WAY worse. It's easier than they make it out to be. Just stick the paper up where you want it then use a credit card or other flat rigid utensil to rub the decal onto the wall. There's a low-tack adhesive on the paper so that it stick to the wall while you rub on the decal. That peels off and the decal remains.

We bought this one from Amazon, but there are a lot of other sellers. Etsy has TONS of sellers and there are so many gorgeous designs there.

Swirly Floral Decal

The floor is special order laminate from Lowe's. We love it, despite the fact that it's a lot noisier than carpet - kitty nails go click-click-click and you lose the noise dampening effect of carpet. But it's a breeze to clean.

Pergo Driftwood Pine laminate floor


  1. The bedroom looks great just like what you'd see on those HGTV shows!

  2. Kelly that is beautiful. I love the stencil, and your floors are beautiful. Can I ask where the stencil is from and the floor as well? Is the floor hardwood? Great job! I wonder if you took the comforter to a laundramat and dampened it then threw it in the dryer with tennis balls if the lumps would improve. I bought a huge blanket for my daughter also from target and it took 3 days to dry in my dryer and lost the spin cycle for a while in my washer. argh!!!

  3. Thanks, Lirena! :)

    Robin Sue: Thanks! The stencil is actually a vinyl decal my husband ordered from Amazon. They have a bunch and there are a ton of sellers on Etsy with all KINDS of beautiful decals.

    The floor is a special order from Lowe's. It's laminate and went down great. The hardest part was cutting all of the angles. Hides cat hair :) and cleans up like a dream.

    I like the comforter suggestion. I might do that then sew or tie the layers together at closer intervals to avoid more lumping!

    I'll add notes to the end of the post with links for the decal and floor - should have done that from the start! :)

  4. Thanks for the info Kelly. I have a huge wall in the livingroom that needs something and for the life of me I am stumped, it is huge! Also someday BRK will need a new floor we hate the tile that is in there now and would like to do all wood, we'll see- we have 3 kids to get through school. Hmm, college or new floor, it really is a tough one! Robin

  5. what a lovely job you did, so peaceful and interesting.


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