Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Canvas

Halloween canvas-all

Although I'm behind on just about everything else going on in my life, I somehow managed to get ahead of the game on this one thing — my Halloween Witch mixed media canvas.

I had the background, or at least some of the background, done for some time. I had a purple canvas and some leftover paint. I combined them, knowing it would be a fun start to a Halloween background, then set it aside. A few weeks ago, I went back to that canvas and finished it up.

Halloween canvas-witch2

Using techniques I learned in the She Art Workshop, I came up with the witch, then used some newly purchased burlap and the end of a ruined paintbrush to make her broom. The paintbrush handle was already that bright yellow, so I just left it that way. The burlap is just frayed, wrapped around the end and hot glued. Then I took a strip of non-frayed burlap and wrapped it around the top to finish it off.

Halloween canvas-label

The poison label is one I found on Flickr here. Flickr is a wonderful resource for finding free printables and ephemera. Just do a search for whatever key words you're looking for, and loads of images are available. Check with each to see what permissions you have regarding use. To find this label, I searched for "free Halloween ephemera". Change to "free Halloween printable" and all sorts of other fun images come up. Pinterest is another great resource for free printables.

Halloween canvas-words

I found the font I used at I love that site and use it ALL the time for work and for personal use. They have tons of fonts all separated by category so it's pretty easy to find what you want. I found this font — Deutche Zierschrif — under "Gothic > Medieval". While dafont is my personal favorite, there are a number of other free fonts sites as well, such as Urban Fonts, Font River, and 1001 Fonts, just to name a few.

I'm mostly really happy with how this turned out. Now I just need to go finish all of the other half-started projects I have scattered around. I'm really good at starting things. Finishing is the real trick!


  1. Love the chloroform label on this! Very cool art work, you are so talented!

  2. Hi sweetie, come check out my latest blog :)
    Surprise for you!

  3. Robin Sue - Thanks!

    Evelien - Wow! Thank you so much. That was incredibly sweet of you!!


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