Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Colors


I just had to take photos of these beautiful leaves after I acquired them on a walk last Thursday. I couldn't help but pick up a leaf that caught my eye.

green leaf

Then one turned into five, which turned into 15.


They were so pretty I just couldn't help myself. Leaves are changing fast and furious around here, and falling will equal vigor.


I hate to see them go, knowing that means winter is whispering in the background.

light leaves bug

By my goodness, it certainly is breathtaking while it happens. Isn't fall wonderful?

p.s. I saw some leaves move in our sad looking flower garden and knew it wasn't the wind. I went to investigate and found this little tree frog and his buddy. And by "buddy" I mean "dinner," at least that's what I assume Mr. Frog wanted with Mr. Bug. I got too close for Mr. Frog's comfort so he hopped off just after I took this photo.
frog bug


  1. That last picture is just amazing, Kelly! And I agree...the colors seem especially amazing this year. I do get a little worried that it means winter is coming soon. Eek!

  2. Beautiful pictures! That last one is amazing, and the leaves in the first ones have such pretty colors!


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