Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quick Tip – Making Use of Expired Herbs


I tend to go a bit nuts when I order from Penzeys. It's easy to do! I put in an epic order usually once a year (just received one this week, as a matter of fact) but I still had some bulk basil from nearly 2 years ago. It's still usable but not ideal, so after I filled my jar, I still had some left but hated the idea of tossing it out.


When you find yourself with old herbs, here's a quick tip.

Put them in a small sauce pan with about a cup of water and simmer gently for as long as they are fragrant. Add water as needed. Your whole house will smell wonderful in just minutes. Combine spices as appropriate and toss in some orange peels or lemon peels if those scents will go together. An easy and natural whole house air freshener.

My house smells like basil now. Mmmm...


  1. Such a good idea!!!!
    I'm so crazy when it comes to expired goods... So I'll try this out when I find something expired haha!

  2. Nice idea. Yes I go a little bonkers when it comes to the spice ordering too.

    PS I desire your cookie cutters LOL

    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for the great tip!!! I was planning on cleaning out my spice cabinet so now I'm a little more enthused about it!!

  4. Nice tip ... but I like the cookie cutters behind your stove even better. I might have to borrow this idea.


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