Monday, March 26, 2012

One Week

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you're probably wondering what in the heck happened to my "6 'til 40" list. If you're new here, that was a list I put together of the things I wanted to do in the 6 months leading up to my 40th birthday. Well, my birthday is a week away, so I thought I'd finally bring you up to date on what's been going on these last few months.

I did cross a few of the things off the list, like go through a corn maze. I also redesigned my blog business cards and gave this site a minor face lift (very minor, more like housekeeping, really). I took my camera with me on a walk and I hosted a tea party. But that's about it. There are approximately 15 things I never did and some are really simple, like going to the cupcake bakery or getting a massage. Nope, still haven't done that and I'd really like a massage right about now, believe me.

Many of the "usual" things kept me from doing the rest of the activities on my list, mainly running out of time, or simply forgetting. But let's face it. Not having time is an excuse, plain and simple. I've chosen to spend my time doing other things. And I'm OK with that. Over the last six months, things have changed and my priorities changed, as they often do. Shortly after making the list, an opportunity came up to attend an art workshop. Going to an art retreat or workshop was on my list, but not the public one. It was the one buried deep in me that I hadn't verbalized to anyone but myself. I just didn't think it would happen for me; it was just a remote dream. Just goes to show that I need to dream BIG and out LOUD, and sometimes the universe will listen - and I will take action!

I missed the first opportunity for the workshop because it sold out in hours, but the hosts, Donna Downey and Christy Tomlinson opened up a second session for Inspired: Soulful Artist. Since I'd emailed and asked to be put on a waiting list, I was given the opportunity to sign up before the second session was made public. I signed up immediately.

That was the first step down the new direction things took for me, a direction away from some of the things on my original 6 'til 40 list. A week or so after I signed up for the Inspired event, I discovered the Bloom True e-course which I've already written a bit about. This was the next step.


Slowly, making art became my focus, my new source of happiness, rediscovering the joy I've always had in making art. In some ways, I no longer needed the original list because I was filling the months leading up to my birthday with things I loved doing. The Bloom True class started February 6 and the artist in me truly did bloom as a result. It lit a fire. The Inspired event, from March 1 through 4, kept the fire burning bright.

Soulful Artist Workshop - My table - the BEST table - love these women!!

Meeting 23 other women that shared my love of making art was incredible.

Me with Christy 
Me with Donna

When you're surrounded by people that speak the same language you do, a language you don't get to use much in your day to day life, it's incredible. I met women I hope to be friends with for a very long time. I learned many things about making different kinds of art, but the biggest takeaway was the community.

It's these things that have made the 6 months leading up to the big 4-0 a real joy, and isn't that what my whole "6 'til 40"was about - making time for things I want to do? Oh, I did the CRAP out of that, let me tell you.

I still want to do all of the things on my list. I have the name of a photographer I want to contact about taking pictures of Dwight and me. I'm still determined to hit the local bakeries, still interested in going to the museums in Chicago, the ones I haven't been to since childhood. But I'm OK with all of the blank check boxes on my list, because in the last 6 months, I feel like I've found ME. And I can't WAIT to see what she does in the NEXT six months.

Bring it!


  1. This post gives me a big happy smile. The "6 till 40" was indeed just a way to give a name to a larger purpose and it turns out that purpose doesn't need a name or a number or a list. Hooray! You're starting a new decade in a perfectly lovely way.

  2. Pinterest lead me to your blog (the cookie dough cake!) And I'm glad it did!!

    That sounds like a fun day of art! :)

  3. I love this post so much I want to wrap it in a blanket and cuddle it. YAY KELLY!!!!

  4. Good for you! I think that by finding YOU, you accomplished the biggest check box! Happy Birthday week! You have a whole year of being 40 so plenty of time to still do. Every year just gets better. This year I will be 45, yup we get better with age!!

  5. Kelly sounds like you accomplished what made you happy! Glad you had that secret Dream and took hold of it because then we would have never met! Loved hanging out with you and exicited to have new friends that share my passion for art and creating. Happy Big 40! Make it a fabulous 40th year!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday! Would love to hear how your big day went!

  7. Hope you had a memorable 40t Birthday.... I am sure glad I met you because you have truly inspired me....


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