Sunday, April 22, 2012

Digging through my archives

Rather than delude myself that I'll actually ever dedicate a full blog post to the myriad of photos I have on my computer, originally *meant* to be full posts, I decided to dust them off and at least share some of them with you. If nothing else, it's at least proof that I have every intention of blogging far more often than I actually do. Yeah, I think that's a lame excuse, too.

Until I actually do a "real" blog post, here are some snippets to tide you over.


I made these beignets over a year ago. Really. They were awesome. I don't recall what recipe I used - sorry!


I have to say that I'm quite proud of how these photos turned out. Probably some of the most styled of the food photos I've taken.


Again, these photos are from last year. June 5 to be precise. Am I on top of this whole blogging thing or WHAT?! I love the monarchs that flit around our yard in the summer - just gorgeous. This is a different kind of lilac that blooms late and has just gotten huge over the last couple of years. It's right by our deck and acts as a lovely screen and source of nectar for various fauna.


When the final Harry Potter movie came out on DVD, Dwight and I had a little party. I made various HP-themed treats including treacle tarts, butterbeer and these pumpkin pasties.

HP pp

This was just something funny we saw one day last fall. We noticed our cats going crazy over something outside the front door. There it was - a chipmunk mercilessly teasing our cats. You can practically hear it squeaking, "Ha Ha SUCKERS!" to the frustrated kitties.


And I'll leave you with this. I colored my hair over my birthday weekend, BRIGHT red on top, with purple underneath. I love it and have gotten many compliments. My only complaint is that the purple is still washing out. I now have purple splotched towels and my pillow cases will never be the same again. Oh well.
red purple hair


  1. Nice hair! What purple did you use? Since the purples I have tried are semi-permanent and fade so fast, but i wash my hair everyday.
    And the reds fade too for me faster than most as well. But either way i love what you did!
    I have (not as curly) curly hair, do you use any product during the day to keep it tame???

    1. Suzanne - Thanks! I use "N Rage Purple Plum, a demi-permanent color that stains like CRAZY.,default,pd.html
      I have to keep my hair separated when I wash it - still - or the purple will transfer to the red. I bleached the hair first, then added the purple. I don't wash my hair every day. I try to use shampoo maybe once a week, the other days I just rinse it and use conditioner. That alone (regardless of hair color) has made a huge difference with styling. It behaves much better with LESS washing. It helps keep the color longer, too. I've had the color in my hair 3 weeks now and it's still very dark purple - very little sign of fading even tho purple dye runs out of my hair every time I get it wet and my towels are a wreck! :)

      For styling products, I use Frizz-Ease Dream Curls on the wet hair then the Secret Weapon finishing cream when it's dry. I also use a shine spray as a quick finish (t's from Sally's and is ion Glossing Mist. Oh, and hair spray-I just use TreSemme.

  2. I LOVE the hair! It looks so bright and beautiful :)

  3. Miss talking to you! I am loving your photos and paintings. Love reading your blog because I feel like i can catch up on your life a bit! Just wanted you to know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my post about it at: Kirsten ☺

  4. Hi there! I am really enjoying the nice quality of your pictures. May I ask which camera you are using? I am into photography and writing too. I really love your blog, it's refreshing and light :)

    If you'd like to take a look at my blog as well, knock yourself out:


    1. Hi Aylin! Thanks for stopping by! I use a Nikon D80 body with a Nikor 35mm prime lens almost exclusively. I'm very happy with both. I'd love to get a macro lens - maybe someday. :)

  5. Love your hair Kelly!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! Miss you!!!!


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