Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Sunday at a Glance

Today was (well, still is) HOT. Like 95+ degrees hot. So I stayed inside for all but a few minutes today. Here are a few things that kept me occupied.

Mal-eyes open

He sat with me for just a little while as I worked on a watercolor e-course. He watched a black bird.

Then got sleepy.
Mal-eyes closed

Speaking of watercolor, here are some of the things I worked on/played around with:
WC play-flowers-pencil
WC play-flowers-color
WC play-both

I also added some more paint to this canvas.
16x20 WIP

It's still mostly a mess right now, but I'm seeing some interesting spots. Can't wait to see what it becomes!

And I took some photos of this peony for Dwight.
single peony-front
single peony-back

He's being doing some floral paintings on oak plywood and thought this might be a good future subject.

I'm so glad I have tomorrow off, too! I'm sure I won't get to play as much - yard work to do - but I'm grateful for this long weekend, that's for sure!

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