Sunday, February 17, 2013

Because there aren't enough cat pictures on the internet...

...I present two of mine.

tasha 021713
This is Tasha, the Grande Dame of the Luna house. She somehow both rules the roost and is petrified of the two youngest cats.

tasha-full 021713
She's weird. (This is what I like to call her "crazy face." She wears it often.)

tasha-full-side 021713
And she's kind of old. Check out her white hair. She's got the most around her mouth and on her feet, but it's scattered throughout her fur.

kaylee 021713
And this is Kaylee, our youngest kitty. Well, she has a twin brother, I just assume she's younger than he is - I have no idea.

She's adorable and sweet.

kaylee-yawn 021713
But she'll turn on you like THAT. Kidding.

Mostly she's just cute... and sleepy.
kaylee-full 021713


  1. Lovely Tasha's white hairs made me think of my cat Sparky (who passed away a last year). He started out with black whiskers, but as he aged they changed, and by the time he was 15 they were all white. It made a nice contract against his beautiful black fur.

  2. Beautiful cats....I have a black one too and he is so like yours..your love for them shines through your photographs..:)


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