Sunday, March 3, 2013

Art Journal Calendar – February


I follow a number of art blogs and thoroughly enjoy seeing what others are doing and getting inspired by them. One such is The Kathryn Wheel by Kate Crane. She's a wonderful mixed media artist and does a monthly art journal calendar which I thought was brilliant. One place to keep a year's worth of short notes for each day. I missed January, but got my act together for February. I forgot to take a "before" photo, but here is the completed month.

I'm using a leather bound journal I bought years (like 9 years) ago originally as a gift. It's a gorgeous handmade paper journal with a warm, deep brown leather cover and tie.

leather journal

Then I remembered the intended recipient was vegan and realized a leather bound journal would probably not be the best idea. It's been sitting on my shelf, waiting for... I'm not sure what. I'm terrible about "saving" things for a special occasion or the "perfect" time, and decided that NOW was the perfect time. I mean, look at these delicious pages!

journal-blank paper

p.s. Here's a peak at March...

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