Friday, October 10, 2008

Mr. Paulson's Wild Ride

So my quarterly 401(k) statement arrived yesterday. I was just speaking with someone about how I should just burn my next statement and not even bother to open it. 

Well, I didn't and I kind of wish I had. The quarter ended September 30, so it doesn't even reflect the last week and a half of daily losses. Even though I know I'm not retiring for another 20+ years, it still really sucks to see a -24.73% rate of return YTD and worry about how much further it will drop before we hit bottom.

I guess all that's left to do is hang on and try not to vomit.


  1. OUCH! I know -- just don't look next quarter. I don't know what my YTD is on my IRA and mutual funds, but I've lost about 15% in the last month. I did really well on my mutuals the last few years, and now I'm down below my initial investment!

    My 401k is down about 25% but I've only it since April so the bottom line isn't so tragic. Wanna invest in Meow Mix with me?

  2. Bwah! Here's hoping we won't have to resort to cat food!

    I spaced that I got an electronic statement from my ROTH and mutual fund accounts. I guess I blocked it out of my head because I knew it would be ugly. For whatever reason, I don't have D-Town's accounts set up for electronic delivery, so we got his ROTH and IRA rollover statement yesterday. It was ugly. I hate how the statements read because they don't break things down in a way that would make better sense to me, but I could clearly see that he lost a bunch. Bah!


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