Friday, August 21, 2009

Yes, I buy wine for the label

Well, not ALL wine, but this one? Yeah. Pretty much.

A few weeks ago, Dwight and I made a valiant attempt to buy out the liquor section of Super Target and I happened upon this wine. If you don't already know, I am, in fact, a middle sister: older sister, younger brother. So naturally, I was drawn to this winery's selection.

According to their website, Middle Sister has 6 wines. I happen to prefer white wines, so I looked at the Smarty Pants Chardonnay, Drama Queen Pinot Grigio and Wicked White, a white blend. I went with the Wicked White because I was digging the sound of the blend—Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Gew├╝rztraminer. I love me some Gew├╝rztraminer, so that sealed the deal.

I quite like it. I'm terrible at describing wine, this despite the fact that I took a 6 week wine appreciation course. I still pretty much stick with the varietals that I know I like and let the guy at the wine shop stear me in the right direction. He hasn't let me down yet.

But sometimes I'm on my own and just go for it. I'm a wild women. But since I'm crap at saying something other than, "It's good, I like it" or "It's citrusy...I think, definitely acidic" (SEE, part of the wine class stuck with me), so I'll let the good folks at Middle Sister do the talking.

From their website:

smells like
…melon, pear, tangerine, rose petals, lychee, lemon zest.

tastes like
…the same fruit flavors that you smell – explode in your mouth. After a second or two, lush melon and sweet pear melt on your tongue. A lingering note of minerals finishes the sip.

Yeah, you know what. That is EXACTLY what I was going to say. Actually, I WAS thinking melon, but wasn't sure. "Is that melon?? *smacking lips then shugging* Maybe..."

Regardless, it's enjoyable and I'm definitely keeping the bottle. After all, I DID buy it for the label.

By the way, your eyes are not playing tricks on you and I didn't do some sort of weird perspective thing with the wine glass. It really is that huge. It's big enough to hold an entire bottle of wine. Oh, yeah.


  1. Hey, I'm a middle sister too, and I enjoy a nice sweet wine. I'll have to check at my Target this week. Where'd you get the wine glass? I'll be needing one of those too. ;)

  2. Yeah, where did you get such a cool glass? ;)

  3. I buy wine for the label too sometimes. I use empty wine bottles as decoration above my kitchen cabinets. :P So sometimes if I see a cool label I buy it.

  4. I definitely understand sometimes wanting to buy for the label. I had to try Goats Do Roam just because I loved the name!

  5. Jodi- The wine isn't very sweet, so keep that in mind. But it it very good. RE: the glass - Someone formerly with the initials DB, now DP, got that for me as a gift. Isn't it cool?

  6. pinkstripes - I have a few as decoration, too. My last name is Luna and a co-worker found a really good pino grigio called "Luna" and the label is really pretty. For our wedding, DH and I got a couple of bottles of "Luna di Luna" wine as a gift, which we thought was pretty darn cool.

    Jennifer - I love that name! I remember seeing that somewhere and thought it was very clever!


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