Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mozzarella Stuffed Bacon Pull Aparts a.k.a The Greatest Thing Ever

Seriously, this is the best savory bread I've ever made. Ever.

This is the best party food IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

This would have been dinner Saturday night had we not already put the steaks on the grill and made the mashed potatoes and vegetables. As it was, Dwight, myself and our dinner guests had to exercise every bit of restraint we had to stop eating this bread so we could eat the rest of dinner. But I think we all would have been happy as clams had I only made this.

This is what I'm now calling my Electric Chair meal. If I were going to the electric chair, this would be what I'd ask for. This and a bottle of wine. Seriously.

I mean... just LOOK at this bread:
bread-cheese closeup

It's bread dough, enriched with butter and an egg, seasoned with oregano (God, how I love oregano) and basil (ditto). Bake that up and I'd be a happy camper. BUT WAIT. There's more.

Take 8 ounces of bacon, dice it, fry it and save the grease. Oh, yeah.

Take a bunch of green onions and chopp em all up.

Take half a dozen oil packed sun-dried tomatoes and chop THEM up.

Mix all of those together. And you start to realize that this really might be the best thing ever.

After proofing the dough, you divide it up and to form little rolls— BUT you wrap the dough around *sniff* fresh mozzarella. I know.


After you roll up the cheese-stuffed ball, you roll it in — hold on — the reserved bacon grease and melted butter. I KNOW!


THEN you roll the bacon butter coated roll in parmesan cheese and more herbs. Put them in a bunt pan and layer with the bacon mixture until you've rolled up the last, beautiful roll. Proof, bake, eat and die a happy, happy person. My rolls didn't really hold together as rolls, probably because we ate it about 5 seconds after it came out of the oven. We totally didn't care. We grabbed a couple of forks and dug in. It wasn't pretty:

Head over to the Choosy Beggars site for the full recipe and lots of great step-by-step photos. It's where I got the original recipe. The only changes I made are:
  • I used almost 16 oz of fresh mozzarella, twice what's listed in the recipe. Hells yeah. (The recipe calls for bocconcini but my store didn't have them.)
  • I didn't get scientific with dividing the dough and getting a certain number of pieces. I just snipped pieces and rolled them up. This is also why I ended up using so much cheese.
  • I didn't use olives. I don't like them. Sorry.
  • I ended up using about 4 cups of flour instead of 3-1/2. The dough was way too wet. Use your judgment.
Please, do yourself a favor and try this. But make sure you're having company over, otherwise you might disgrace yourself and eat the whole thing. I'm just looking out for your well-being.


  1. WOW! That sounds and looks truly amazing! Are you out to kill your readers this week? ;) Now I can't decide which to try first... cheesecake or bread. What a terrible problem I have!

  2. Oooh....did you ever do an amazing job on this bread! LOOK at it! Man, I could practically taste that melty mozz. And, by the way, I find it impossible to object to anyone doubling the cheese in any recipe. Ever. Mmmmm. Thanks for giving this recipe a shot, and we're so glad that you enjoyed it!

  3. Jodi - I don't know if I should admit this or not, but I had both of those things the same night. By all rights, *I* should be dead now. ;) So if it didn't kill me, it won't kill you - go for it!

    Tine - Thanks! I'm so glad I found your recipe. It's definitely a new favorite-clearly! I think I'll be finding a lot of excuses to make it again.

  4. This bread looks awesome- if I have time after work I'm making it tonight- 3 of my favorite food groups in one pan- bread, cheese and bacon baby!

  5. Holy moly, man, this looks freaking AMAZING! Have I threatened to come for a visit lately? B/c this one is putting me over the edge. I might make it just so I can roll around in it!

  6. Tupper Cooks - Did you make the bread? I hope you like it as much as I did!

    Diane - I thought of you when I was making it, using the fresh mozzarella, especially. :) This is definitely a roll around it it kind of bread!

  7. That looks so good with the melted cheese in it!

  8. I am totally licking my screen. And that is how it will be because if I ever made this Jeff and I would probably eat nothing else ever again.

  9. Wow this looks fabulous! I really want to make this! HOWEVER - I'm really not into making bread from scratch. Our local bakery sells this great dough that we've used for making our own pizza - Couldn't I just use that and then mix everything else into it?

  10. I've answered Patty via email but thought I'd post it here, too, in case others would like to know.

    Premade dough is a great option, whether from a bakery like Patty uses, or even frozen from the grocery store. It would be a nice time saving option as well as an option for those that have a fear of yeast bread. :)

  11. But you need a heart attack on a plate every now and again ;-)


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