Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Dwight-isms

Dwight likes to pronounce superhero names as if they're someone's last name. Like, Joe Spiderman wouldn't be "Joe SPI-der-MAN", but "Joe SPI-der-men". Suddenly, Peter Parker's alter ego sounds vaguely Jewish.

Dwight almost never buys just one of something, particularly canned and packaged goods. I've caught this habit myself. It's maddening – and can lead to a REALLY full pantry.

Dwight can't make just "a little bit" of anything when he cooks. It comes from having been a short order cook and working in a kitchen when he put himself through college. When he makes chicken and dumplings, we could invite the entire neighborhood over and still have leftovers. But we don't because it's so good *I* want all of the leftovers!

Dwight talks to our cats at least as much as I do. (We talk to them like they know what the hell we're saying–silly humans.) At least a few times a week, I'll hear him talking from another room, and I'll holler, "Were you talking to me or the cats?" It's almost always the cats.

One time when I went away for a weekend visiting a friend, I came home and Dwight had repainted our bathroom (which is a BEAST to paint) and redecorated it a bit. It was like being on that show, "While You Were Out." It was SO cool.  He does that kind of thing a lot. I came home one day, and he'd completely swapped the furniture between the living room & the family room. Couches, chairs, end tables – the works. He switched around pictures, changed up the mantle – all by himself. When he's on a mission, watch out. The man knows how to get things DONE.

He's pretty cool.


  1. Changed all the furniture?! That would scare me if my hubby did that, it would never be right and I don't think I could trust him picking out colors of paint. You have a great guy there- even if he is talking to the cats!

  2. Yeah, that Dwight's a keeper. Perhaps you need to visit that friend again just to see what he'll do when you're gone. ;)


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