Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tree Frog...not in a tree


Isn't it cool? I love these guys. This one was hanging on to the side of the house between the garage door and wall. We're pretty sure he was hanging out catching bugs.

Last year I found this guy (gal?) snoozing in a lily.

They're all over the trees (and flowers and house) around here. All different kinds of tree frogs, in various sizes and colors. They make the biggest racket at night...and I LOVE it. 

frog back

The best part about summer cooling down is having the windows open so I can hear them as I drift off to sleep. I'm sure it would drive some people batty, but for me, it's like a lullaby. A raucous, nothing-sounds-quite-like-it symphony of nature, right outside my windows. 

It makes me smile every night.

frog top back
Check out the markings. He's (she's?) green on the back, like leaves (don't the darker markings look a little like butterflies?) yet tan and brown on the underside - like a tree. Ain't nature grand?

frog detail
I love this spot on the side of his (her?) head. It looks like bark. Awesome.

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  1. Wow I love the pictures! I also love the noise they make, but where I'm from they are bullfrogs, not tree frogs, and they have this huge throat that makes the most unique of sounds.


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