Monday, August 8, 2011

What a Difference Four Years Can Make

front walk

Like so many things in life, time has a way of sneaking up on you and making changes right under your nose. Your kids (or nieces) go from little babies to young ladies in the blink of an eye. And in my case, the plants that at first looked swallowed up by the size of the bed now spill over into the yard, overfill the once seemingly large empty space, and transform it into a lush sanctuary.

At the beginning, four years might have sounded like a long way off, but it happened in the blink of an eye, or so it would seem. Plants were added, moved, divided. Furniture was stolen (really) and a pergola was added. A wall was removed and a hot tub added. So many little changes, bit by bit, all adding up to big changes.

Take a look.

front garage corner
First of all, not every change has been for the better. This bed has been overrun by a particularly virulent ground cover. It needs to die.

Front NE side
But most of it has been really good.

birdbath comp
The tulips in this bed always get eaten by something. We're pretty sure it's deer. They chew off the young leaves and SOMEtimes they miss the flower head so that we get a few flowers. They leave the daffodils alone, though. It the current pic, they're long done for the season. By the way, the hostas around this bed all came from splitting up just two larger hostas. We can't grow what we'd like in our yard because of the shade, but we can grow the HECK out of hostas!

drive edge
Isn't this something? The tulips still bloom like the before pic, but now the day lilies are huge. They started out as TINY single bulbs and have multiplied steadily each year. It's quite a sight!


deck corner

deck corner comp
This is the furniture that was stolen. We're guessing they took it to sell as scrap. But now this corner of the house and yard is incredible. All of the plants have grown up to create a really beautiful space. You know those goofy self-portraits I took? I was on the deck. Oh, and my About Me pic is set there, too.

behind garage SE
behind garage SW

full bk corner-dwight

back-dwight mowing

We're pretty darn thrilled with how the yard has grown over the years.


  1. It's lovely to watch growth in many forms isn't it! :)

  2. Your yard is so beautiful- great job! So much work has paid off! We have so many deer that all those plants in my yard would be gone.


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