Monday, January 16, 2012

Here We Go


Or, here *I* go, at any rate. (I hope you enjoy coming along with me.) I thought I would start this blog to document my art and things related because I didn't want to bore the pants of my Something Shiny readers. They're kind enough to read my other babbling, I figured a new spot to babble about art was in order.

swirl closeup

Part of being brave for me is actually getting my art out, sharing it, being brave enough to declare, "I'm an artist" when it sounds laughable to me even now, even in the face of trying to BE BRAVE. But that's who I am, or at least part of who I am. If you found me from Something Shiny, you know that I like to create things — cakes, cookies, cupcakes, the random craft or how-to. Creating is in my blood. I can't help myself. I'm also a bit of a fickle creative type. I like doing ALL sorts of artsy-fartsy things, so it's a mixed bag with me. We'll see where it takes me, one tentatively brave little step at a time.

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