Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Favorite Mascara and Eyeliner

I've stopped searching for the perfect mascara... because I found it a few years ago. I admit to curiosity when I see other bloggers talk about *their* favorite, and have used others in desperation when I ran out of mine, but I was quickly reminded why this is my favorite.

It's Lash Power Mascara from Clinique. It's about $15 and is worth every penny. It doesn't smudge, doesn't flake, will not offset on to my lid, and it washes off with regular facial soap and water. Basically, it's perfect.

Literally every other mascara I've tried has smudged or offset to my lid. Every. One. Except this. The other thing I absolute love about it is the wand. It's small and detailed and never clumps. It defines and goes on smooth. I can't recommend it enough.

A new favorite is this liquid eyeliner from NYC. I bought it at Target for less than $3 and it's great. The whole liquid eyeliner thing takes some getting used to, and I admit to loving the felt tip marker type, but once you get the hang of the brush, it is perfection. It's waterproof, does not smudge, offset or otherwise act weird. It's easy to correct a mistake when you apply it just by *lightly* wetting a q-tip and running it over the offending area. (I just lick the q-tip rather than mess with water = truth.)

It's an incredible value and I love the way it looks. I have very hooded lids and worried that black liner would close my eyes in. It doesn't I think it adds depth to the lash line and actually makes my eyes look better. I love a smallish winged look with the liner because it almost makes my lashes look longer and does help with opening up my eyes a bit.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert, but I know what I like. I might someday try a different liner, but I can promise you that I will never try another mascara. If Clinique ever decides to discontinue Lash Power mascara, I'll 1) cry buckets, 2) write nasty/pleading letters 3) buy as much of it as I can get my grubby hands on.

The end.


  1. I've always been hesitant to buy high-end mascaras but if you love it that much, I need to check it out! Sadly, my eyes are too sensitive for liquid liner. Boo! :(

    1. I think if you buy it at Sephora and decide you don't like it (which I doubt will happen) I believe they take it back, so it's worth a try. I tend to be sensitive to eyeliners, too, but it's usually pencil ones - go figure.

  2. Good to know about the mascara. I too am looking for the perfect one. I am using merle norman right now and it's OK, but I will try yours once the tube is done. I love liquid eye liner, gives such a nice look to the eye. And is that light purple eye shadow you have on? It is very pretty and I have a very light purple eye shadow that I really like for daytime- it is so fresh looking. Do you have a favorite lip gloss- I am always looking for something shiny, not goopy, and doesn't taste gross.

    1. I'm more of a chapstick girl than a lip gloss girl, which is why I really like the Burt's Bees line. They have tinted balms called "lip shimmer" that are really nice. If I wear color, I love the Maybelline Superstay lipstick. It's a two step process, with color and a clear balm that keeps your lips from getting dried out. And it really does last all day - or darn close. I really like color #772 "cabernet":


    2. Me, again! I was just in my purse and had forgotten about a lip shine my sister got me for my birthday. It's from C. O. Bigelow (I think they're at Bath and Body Works) and it's called Mentha Lip Shine and it's spearmint flavored. Tasty AND shiny - might be just what you're looking for. (looks like they have various flavors):

    3. Thanks Kelly. I do like Burt's Bees, and will look at your other suggestions, I do have a bath and body works nearby, I had no idea they did lippy things! Cool! It has been years since I used the stay on lipsticks- so drying when they first came out. I will give it a try!!

  3. Hey, I also use liquid eye linear.It is very preferable. And also good to know about your mascara. Thanks for sharing.

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