Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bee Butts

bee butts1

So the hummingbirds have left for the winter, but there are still critters taking advantage of the sugar water. These bees have been gorging themselves on the last of the nectar.

bee butts2
Butts in the ay-yair, like they just don't ca-yair.

sugar high
And there's some stupid bug languidly swimming INSIDE the feeder. It somehow managed to get all the way inside the drink holes and swim up into the main reservoir. Death by sugar, very slowly. Poor bastard.


  1. Those are not bees, those are wasps drinking your sugar water.

    1. Yes, but "bee butts" is hilarious, don't you think? "Wasp butts" is kind of awkward. How about "Hornet Hineys"? That's GOLD. Damn. Might have to change the title...


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