Saturday, November 3, 2012


I've decided that I'm going to do a sketch a day for November. I know some use this month to write a novel, grow facial hair, or express gratitude each day. I have only fleetingly longed to scribe a novel, have no interest in encouraging my facial hair growth (even for a good cause), and really like the idea of practicing gratitude, but I thought I'd use it to push myself into the habit of sketching daily. No grand schemes for creating a masterpiece, just whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

Since I'm getting a late start posting (but have actually sketched on each of the three days so far comprising this month), I'll post all three today.

November 1: Holding On
11-1 holding on
Just a girl I felt like drawing, flowy dress and hair, just holding on.

November 2: Red Carpet
11-2 red carpet
I drew her face and she seemed like a starlet, so I added the glamorous dress and little clutch. I love her "finger waved" hair.

November 3: Balloons!
11-3 balloons
I had an image on my fashion illustration inspiration board and finally decided to put it to use. So cute!

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