Sunday, November 3, 2013

Extra Hour!



 Here it is. Best day of the year (kinda). DST ends and we get an extra hour. Super awesome. So what did you do with yours? Here's a glance at what Casa Luna did on this beautiful Sunday, November 3rd.


I made some red beans and rice. It was go-ooood. I forgot that we didn't have regular rice, but I did have sushi rice (don't ask me why - I've never made sushi). So technically we had red beans and sticky rice. Still go-ooood.

The kitties' day looked something like this. Floyd was outside most of the day, enjoying the sunshine. Can't blame him. He came to say hi, then headed towards the tree…


...where he got "that look" on his face.


I knew what was coming next.


Yep. Climbing the tree. He's gotten WAY farther up that that before. I saw him chase a squirrel up a tree the other day. Crazy kitty.

Gir was on the couch taking a bath between naps.


Malcom was napping in the super special kitty bed/box.




 Kaylee was also napping (shocker) but she was in the front room on "her" couch.


She did get up though. Had to say hi and also see what was going on outside.


This was.


Dwight, with his extra hour, spent most of it outside cleaning up the leaves. It's a job and a half!

Then Kaylee spotted the tie on my hoodie and just had to play.

110313-Kaylee-playing sm

"Gr-RRR." She's vicious!

Caught up with Floyd again, still outside, this time taking a bath while sitting on the hot tub (remind me to tell you about the time he took a bath IN the hot tub).


And behind him, Dwight was finishing up the leaves…three hours later.


That man is dedicated. Hey, I helped some. Honest.

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