Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Drive

I put my point and shoot camera in my purse so I could have it any time "just in case". I took advantage of it tonight on my way home from tap class. I didn't think about it until I was out of town and into the mostly rural remainder of the drive. It was the sunset that made me think to grab my camera. I was mostly OK but I did catch myself looking a little too long at the camera a couple of times. Before you call the cops on me, let me reassure you that I made sure no one was coming at me when I took the pics.

This is the corner of a corn field, completely underwater. We've had so much rain lately, we're under flood warnings for the next few days.

Some silos—and a bit of water along the edge. It was like that all along these farms.

The way this photographed, it looks quite a bit different in real life. It's not so...expansive. The landscape looks huge and flattened out, and the horizon line appears a LOT farther away that it really is. 

As you can see, I was traveling east. Check out that sunset from the rear view mirror. (That's the municipal airport off to the right, behind the fence.)

And check this out. I'm so close to turning 80,000 miles on my 1996 Civic. Yes—those are actual miles. I don't get out much.


  1. Great pics! Note to Kelly - you need to gas up. ;)


  2. I sure did! I filled up yesterday. :)


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