Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Huge Push to Unclutter

If you've checked out the handful of blogs I list on the left sidebar, you'll see I'm a fan of I bought Erin's brand new book when it launched and have read through the whole thing. It inspired me to really take seriously my long-standing desire to pare down, get organized and deal with my clutter issues. I've been dawdling, though, as is my usual MO (unfotunately). But I just got a swift kick in the arse.

As you might know, we got three kittens Christmas night. We've been keeping them in the spare bedroom so they can establish a safe place, get used to us, get familiar with the scent of the other cats and not get killed by the other two.

We're gearing up to let them out into the rest of the house—WITH the other 2, not just by themselves— and I'm freaking out for a whole host of reasons.

1. I'm a spaz and worrywort. It's what I do.
2. I'm afraid of the inevitable fighting, hissing and general nastiness.
3. I'm afraid one or more of the new kitties will plunge to his or her death over the railing. Malcom almost achieved that last night but managed to scramble his way back to safety. He seemed fine. I, on the other hand, felt like I needed a good cry and a stiff drink.
4. Zoë chews things, apparently. She's ingested at least half of a toy mouse and a small section of a rubber toy I THOUGHT would survive kitty chewing. Not so much. So now I'm freaked out that she's going to eat all kinds of awful things, block her GI track and die.

It's regarding #4 that I'm thinking the "uncluttering" thing is going to take on a whole new meaning and vigor. If I felt "eh" about it or was dawdling before (which I was--ALREADY) I'm recommitted now. Looking around the house and especially the basement, got me thinking of ALLLL the things Zoë might think are edible, and I started freaking out. Some more.

I know I just need to chill a bit on the whole cat thing, but seriously? This might be the huge kick in the ass I need to CLEAN UP and get rid of all the &%^$ collecting dust in the basement and all around the house.


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  1. Awww.....lucky you to have kittens. I wish I could get another one but my husband will move out! Don't worry too much....just try not to leave chocolate or plants you don't want eaten out. I have two cats and they have never ate anything that hurt them. One, named Chloe likes the smell of bleach and gebera daisy plant leaves, so we do have to put them out of reach. She has also eaten a rather long tail off a rubber cat toy that we thought was safe- it didn't seem to hurt her. The other (normal cat) Cooper, has an affinity for sourdough bread and chicken bones out of the garbage. They all have funny little personalities. : ) have fun playing with the kitties!


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