Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baking Day!

I wish every day could be Baking Day, but I think today will make up for that. I have Tim (sourdough starter) sitting on the counter, bubbling away for Panettone. The dried fruit has been soaking in booze and flavor extracts overnight in preparation.

I went to the store last night to stock up on baking supplies. I spent about $130 on them! Bag of sugar, 2 bags of flour, 2 cartons of eggs, 8 packages of butter (hey, they were 2/$3 so I bought extra), various baking chips, dried fruit, nuts, Rice Crispys, peanut butter, and on and on.

Here's the list of goodies I'm hoping to make. I'm not sure if it's all going to happen, but I'm going to give it the ole college try:

Peanut Butter Cookies
Choco-Scotch Clusters
Rice Crispy Treats
Shortbread with mini chocolate chips
Cinnamon Nut Palmiers
Food for the Gods (rich cake/bar thing found on PW cooks)
Ginger Snaps
Monster Cookies (or Everything Cookies or whatever you want to call them)
and bread of some sort for the neighbors. I'm thinking Cinnamon Raisin bread.

Whew. I'm exhausted already. OH! And I'm tempted to make Sugar Cookies because they're so yummy and fun to decorate. Hm. Not sure about that, but we'll see how it goes.

Wish me luck! And yep, I'll post some pics and recipes later.


  1. Let's see some pics of all the activities!!!

  2. Hope it went well! I leave all that baking fun to my sister. She enjoys it and therefore does a much better job than I ever could. :)

  3. you are far more ambitious than I! I made the two types of biscotti last week. I've made countless batches of cinnamon roasted nuts for gifts AND tomorrow we'll do peanut blossoms and sugar cookies - because with kids in the house you must have something to decorate with sprinkles! Hope your baking day was sweet! :)

  4. Did you skip the panettone? I just could find the post that the sourdough starter was sitting on the counter, but no panettone post... Would love to read how your panettone turned out...

  5. as269 - I made it almost a month ago, but I'm SO far behind with blogging! I have to write it up along with the potato rosemary bread. Oh, and basic sourdough and pugliese. Ack! One of these days I'll be caught up.

    Mine turned out OK, but not great, certainly not like yours- it was gorgeous!


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