Friday, January 7, 2011

Feeling Spicy


Shortly before Christmas, I placed what I can only describe as an EPIC order from Penzeys Spices. Oh sure, I could have gotten more (and should have since I realized just after placing the order that I'm out of oregano - the horror!) but it was indeed an order of rather epic proportions.


I bought mostly bulk items since I have plenty of jars. I bought a couple of BBQ styles, some bold taco seasoning, hot chili powder, Vietnamese cinnamon (holy cow this stuff is amazing), along with ginger, mint, bay leaves as well as lemon and orange extracts and many other things.



But I also got something for you:


That's right. I'm having a little giveaway and I'd love for you to win this box of baking spices. I'm keeping this giveaway low key because I'd like one of my regular readers to win, so no need to tweet this for extra entries or any of that. Just leave a comment on this post. It can be about anything: What's YOUR favorite spice? Any resolutions for the New Year? Have you been looking forward to a fabulous vacation? 

I'm going to throw in this bottle of Turkish seasoning, too.
turkish seasoning
Penzeys gave it to me for free and I already have some — now you can, too. Leave a comment and you'll be entered to win. I'll keep this open until a week from today, so you have until Friday the 14th to enter. I hope you do!

Be sure to leave an email address in the comments if you don't have your email in your profile!!

p.s.  I'll ship this to wherever you call home, so if you're an international reader, comment away!


  1. My favorite spice is cumin, even though it smells like underarms. :D

    (I think I should win since I still haven't won a Coffee Tee! haha!)

  2. Great giveaway! Let's see, my favorite spice depends on my mood but I love trying different blends of curry spices.

  3. Lately my fav is smoked paprika. Love Penzeys!

  4. Oh I miss Penzeys! We used to live in Madison WI and had a store there and I could get LOST in there for hours. My favorite spice is cinnamon - really good Saigon or other wonderful cinnamon!

  5. I would love the Turkish spice to cook for my Turkish love!

  6. My "challenge" for 2011 is to cook more. Spices will certainly help! :-)

  7. I was just at Penzey Spices today! I could spend hours marveling around at all the different spices. Gotta love the smell of all the baking spices, or at least I sure do!

  8. ooooh! I love penzeys spices!! - Jennifer

  9. I am a garlic freak, so Garlic is my fave! I am looking at taking a cruise this year, very overdue.


  10. Hmmmm, shipping spices back to Milwaukee (where I live) perhaps seems silly, but I actually haven't had a chance to try Penzeys since I moved here! I've certainly drooled over their catalog and am fascinated by all the different kinds of cinnamon.

  11. I find myself turning to either curry or cumin most often. My spice collection is overwhelming and I really do use everything.

  12. Most recently my favorite spice is cinnamon. I've been hearing more and more about Vietnamese cinnamon and can't wait to try some of that!


  13. My new favourite spice is Star Anise. Not only does it look pretty, it makes everything smell heavenly!

  14. These look fantastic. Funny how a little brown label does that. Nice little selection too. I have a naughty tendency of using ginger with a little lemon to quell stomach upset. Something my grandmother passed down but unbelievably effective. Cinnamon and nutmeg taste fantastic mixed with a little sugar and thrown on top of a pink grapefruit, which in turn is broiled for a while until yummy! Even if I don't win, I thought I'd pass on a little knowledge.


  15. I vote for Jen C!!!!


  16. I adore Penzey's. I'm planning an "epic" order myself sometime soon. I'm out of basil "ohhh the horror"! LOL

  17. I guess thanks to Susie sending me here to your blog, I'm convinced I have to get on their site and look myself! Of course, wouldn't hurt to enter your giveaway either! :0)

  18. Shelby- Thanks so much for stopping by! Stay tuned - I've got another giveaway up my sleeve. :)


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