Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Most Major Department Stores:

(Yes, I'm looking at you Macy's, JCPenny's, Kohl's and the like.)

I'm just writing to let you know that not all "petite" women are card carrying members of the AARP with zero fashion sense and a penchant for tapered leg pants, elastic waistbands, polyester, sofa-inspired prints and shapeless button-down tops.

Some of us are thirty-something shorty types just hoping to find a nice, fashionable pair of pants that aren't 6 inches too long. Our "Juniors Section" days have come and gone — or at least they should have, (yes, now I'm looking at you, woman-not-wanting-to-look-like-a-soccer-mom-but- looking-silly-in-her-teenage-daughter's-clothing) and we're REALLY not ready to sport the atrocities lurking in the typical Petite section.

We just want a place to shop where the clothes FIT and look hip—without looking ridiculous or like we mistook upholstery fabric for a top. Is that so hard?




  1. YES. I am 100% agreed. I end up buying a lot of clothes at Target, even though I shop the entire mall. They're the only place that gets that I don't want to look like a teenager or an old lady. Can't get pants there, though!

  2. Oh, it's not much better in the bigger sizes. Maybe we should just ban department store shopping altogether! And while we're at it I think we should make a constitutional amendment requiring women over 30 to stop buying clothes in the junior dept - it's just so, so, so sad.

  3. Amen! And I'd like to add that manufacturers need to give the petite women a little bit more room in the business section of pants. I loathe finding a pair that fits in the leg, is the right length, but gives me the oh so attractive camel toe. Enough!

  4. Word up, sistah!

    A note to lwmallard (hee!): I was told by a saleswoman at Ann Taylor that although I am just barely 5-4 I am not petite. She said that "better stores" consider petite not by leg length but by the rise, which is where it sounds like you are having issues. That leaves lucky gals like us stuck buying regular pants and paying to have them hemmed.

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