Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Baking

In keeping with the homemade Christmas theme, I went a little crazy with baking and goodie boxes this year. I did some "easy" things, like Oreos dipped in almond bark and pretzels drizzled with candy melts.

But I also tackled some new cookies and and revisited old ones. Below is a pictorial list of most of the goodies I made this year:

In order to save time, I ended up not dipping the pretzels, just drizzled them with chocolate. I'd already made the tags and didn't feel like changing them!

As you can see, I also designed tags and packaged them all in cellophane bags. It was a lot of work, but I had fun doing it. (While opening and naming the photos, I noticed two typos on the tags - typical!)

Here's where you can find each of the recipes:
LinkBrown Butter Buttons at Food Gal from Baking for All Occassions by Flo Braker
Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies from The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Spicy Molasses Cookies from The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Snickerdoodles from Martha Stewart
Cake Truffles (cake balls) from Bakerella
Cinnamon Glazed Nuts from Barb Ruess at Quick Like a Bunny blog

I also made cinnamon rolls from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. They're fantastic and no kneading required for those of you adverse to such things. My family devoured them at Christmas brunch. FYI, I halved the recipe and it still made two 9x13 pans full.

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