Saturday, December 27, 2008


Dwight decided that he wanted to make eggnog this year—from scratch. He hates the store bought kind, so I was a little surprised at his interest. When I saw the recipe, however, it became a bit more clear. This stuff is lethal.

He found the recipe—and a pretty great video—on NPR. The story, "More Evidence That Eggnog Goes Better With Booze", discusses the issue of salmonella, seeing as eggnog is made with raw eggs. Turns out that there's no need to worry, at least with this recipe. The folks that dreamed it up are microbiologists and work in a lab. They tested the homemade stuff against the store bought, non-alcoholic variety and determined that, even when you add salmonella to the homemade version, the alcohol kills it. Nice.

Because of the ingredients and the way they are mixed, this stuff is almost like ice cream. Check out the gorgeous layer of cream that comes to the top of this mixture. It's insane. Insanely delicious, that is!

(Of course, you stir it up before consuming, but I just had to show how thick this stuff gets.)

So grab your cholesterol meds, schedule a month's worth of personal trainer sessions and give this recipe a whirl. I promise you'll love it, even if your heart won't.

Dr. Rebecca Lancefield's Eggnog Recipe
courtesy of NPR

1 dozen eggs
1 quart heavy cream
1 quart light cream
1 pint bourbon
1 quart rum
sugar to taste (1/2 - 3/4 lb)

Beat eggs, add bourbon and rum slowly with stirring to prevent precipitation of egg proteins. Beat heavy cream separately until it peaks and add to the egg/bourbon/rum mix.

Add the light cream with stirring. Add the sugar to taste with mixing, then add nutmeg to taste.

Leave standing at least overnight with lid slightly ajar in refrigerator. Serve after 2-3 weeks in the cold. (Or consume it immediately as we did!)


  1. I wanted to make this last year, but didn't get a chance. I finally made it this year for Thanksgiving.

    I am curious, did you mix that thick layer back in? Did it reform?

    Waiting for the alcohol flavor to smooth out more, but it is getting delicious...

  2. yep, I mixed the layer back in. It's basically the heavy whipping cream rising to the top, Stirring it back in make it drinkable instead of scoopable and adds back the creaminess factor. It did keep reforming on top, we just stir it up really good before ladling out.

    Something we did that's not in the original recipe is to add some vanilla extract and a couple of vanilla beans (because I had them on hand). It adds another nice flavor to the mix. We mixed up our first batch of the season about a week and a half ago.

    The taste definitely smoothes out over time. Enjoy!

  3. Yeah. I saw your other post about Vanilla beans, I am looking on ebay now, that is really good info...

    Thanks for the reply. I definitely think this is going to become a tradition. I am going to add some vanilla beans next time, that sounds wonderful.

  4. suckrpnch - I wanted to follow up and say that the layer of thick cream is all but gone now on ours, I think it's mostly mixed back into the rest of the liquid.

    Also, I think I need to order some more vanilla beans myself. I still have some left after a year (!!) but I think fresh ones are in order. It's such a great deal!


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