Saturday, September 20, 2008

Birthday Celebration

My mother-in-law's birthday was last Friday, the 12th. We'd planned on taking her out to dinner that evening, but she fell ill, so we postponed the celebration until the following Friday. Yesterday, to be exact.

Dwight and I were expecting his mom and her new housemate (a recently divorced relative and a good companion for MIL), along with Dwight's brother and wife. When we got to Texas Roadhouse, we saw that Scott and Val's kids and significant others were coming along. We ended up being a party of 12 and a lively one at that. We were seated at two booths, the "kids" in one and the original 6 in the other.

Dinner was delicious, as it always is at the Roadhouse. For a chain restaurant, it's mighty tasty. Dwight really enjoys their stakes and I love their burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. Oh, and their stake fries are to die for. Not exactly health food (no kidding!) but we only go there a handful of times a year so I don't get too hung up about it.

We had extended an invitation to come to our house for cake and coffee after dinner, but hadn't figured on 12 guests. We thought we'd need more dessert, so as soon as we paid, Dwight and I made a mad dash to the grocery store for sweet provisions.

I'd already made a cake (see following post for details) but didn't think it would be enough. Turns out that it was more than enough since a few guests were so full from dinner that they didn't have any. I had no such problem.

I picked up some fun twisty candles at the store, so I put them in the cake and we all joined in singing Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law. We enjoyed the coffee and dessert and chatted for a while. We had a nice time and I was glad that the whole clan was able to get together.

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