Friday, September 19, 2008

The best-laid plans

Well, so much for taking off work today. To add insult to injury, I'll have to work at least part of the weekend as well. I should be and am grateful for a job, though, seeing as my place of employment is experiencing the same economic woes as so many others. They laid off four people yesterday, something I've never seen in the 11-1/2 years I've worked here. People have been let go for poor performance, but never just to downsize. It makes for jittery times, especially thinking about the possibility of a different job.

I don't anticipate being let go. I've been here almost since the beginning and would probably only lose my job if the company itself went down. I just know that nothing is forever and nothing is guaranteed. So being prepared is important. 

But it's also important to have a bit of a life, and to that end, I'm planning to attend the annual Showcase of Art in downtown Elkhart. I haven't been for a good 6 or 7 years, so I'm way past due. I'm looking forward to it, and the weather is supposed to be picture perfect.

Work can wait, I think, while I enjoy some great art from regional artists. 

Illustration shown is the Showcase of Art logo

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